Proclaiming Clear Biblical Salvation through Jesus Christ who produces a transformed life!

Biblical Christianity moves hearts to reach out to a hurting world in love.


May God help Christians to represent Jesus Christ in biblical ways.  It is our duty to reach out to this hurting world.  Let us use our time to be part of Christ’s healing ministry in our communities and abroad.


This mission work is about winning souls and equipment the children of God to be soul winners.  It is a full time mission work evangelizing everywhere we go and much much more.  See list below.


Our cities, towns, and all areas need to be reached for Christ.  Our churches were originally founded on the principle of soul winning which resulted in new churches springing up across this land.  The goal of evangelism is centrally focused on winning souls outside church building doors.  Some people will not attend a Church until they have found Christ.  Evangelism outside the church building is an effective way of reaching out to the community.  Biblical Christianity reaches out to help people in this hurting world.  People are lonely, afraid, hurting, overwhelmed, and some are ready to give up.  While on the street offering prayer, people show interest and allow us to pray with them.  Praying with great concern about immediate needs opens doors to witness about salvation through Jesus Christ.  We take this concept door to door and at public events as well. It is amazing to see God work in hearts as you sense the leading of the Holy Spirit.  When people are won to Christ they will want a spiritual place of worship to attend.


This ministry is run as a non-profit mission work. Bro Keister’s Family operate as full time missionaries.  Our services to the public and churches are free of charge.  Our mission work is supported by the free-will offerings of God’s people, not by any one organization.  Our family lives a life like any missionaries on foreign soil, except our field is everywhere we go and we produce CD, DVDs, Gospel Tracts and distribute them and Bibles as God leads around the USA and the World.  These listed items are not in any order of priority or most performed, rather a simple list of the variety of things we do throughout the year as evangelist missionaries.


List of the types of things we do in this ministry:


Small Church Revitalization

All most anything from evangelism, pulpit supply, free revival meetings, minor maintenance, consulting, reorganizing, etc...


Street Evangelism

On populated city streets

at College, University, and Schools

Often using a Prayer Stand or Prayer Station


Door to Door Evangelism anywhere including cities, small towns, and rural areas


Event Evangelism

Street fairs, carnivals & bazaars, festivals

Store fronts, parking lots, flea markets


School, College, and University Evangelism


Biblical Evangelism

Using conversation to analyze where the person is spiritually Sharing the Law of God to bring conviction and repentance Lead people to Christ if already convicted or once convicted of their sins


Prayer Stand Evangelism

One of the tools we use while doing street and event evangelism (this is not the main thing our mission does, it is just one of our tools.)


Tracts & Bibles, distributed as we evangelize on the streets, at events, & in churches


Media Ministry – Sermons to the World….

-Produce Sermons on CD and distribute them on the streets, during outreaches, at churches and conventions, and worldwide by mail order,

  over. 12,500 CD & DVDs produced since 2008

-Web based Online Sermons at and on this site which includes a searchable database to find recorded sermons.  Our goal is to have as many Biblical sermons to cover all scriptural teachings throughout the Bible

  Over 35,000 sermons played or downloaded from our websites since 2006.


Front Line Ministry

Spiritual help toll-free helpline, printed on tracts, Bibles and CDs -a front line website so people we meet and who receive our tracts, bibles, and CD/DVDs will have a place to find more resources.  The site provides:  online sermons, information to help seekers find Christ, tracts information to edify the saved, and access to a nationwide church directory of good conservative churches.  This website is also printed on all CDs, Tracts, and Bibles we distribute.


Biblical Counseling

A service offered as part of our mission for no formal charge.  You may schedule an appointment for an in person or over the phone counseling session.


Types of meetings we hold, all done as free mission service:


Itinerant Meetings Evangelistic Meetings

Outreach on city streets, in rural areas, and/or at events; coupled with preaching services nightly & Sunday mornings, or weekend meetings


Mission based Outreach/Evangelism

Going into an area and doing evangelism to help small churches with no meetings, passing contacts on to the pastors in that area

Holding evangelistic meetings coupled with doing outreach if they so desire, otherwise just doing outreach for churches, and providing contact information to direct people toward their local church and also giving the contact info of people we meet to the local pastor.

Helping existing churches or denominations with evangelism and outreach in an area where they would like to start a church.


Evangelism & Outreach Conventions

Messages on evangelism/outreach to encourage everyone to be soul winners.  Teaching proper biblical evangelism methods to ministers and lay members of churches.  Teaching the use of Prayer Stands.  Lead evangelism practices of witnessing techniques and hands-on training taking people on the streets or at a public event


Traditional style revival and camp meetings


Discipleship & Church - Conventions & Seminars

-Creating a new Sunday School classes that promote functional growth toward salvation and discipleship of new converts stepping out of the typically used 5-7 year rotating Sunday School curriculum for the un-churched

-How to develop new convert training structures

-How to let your community know your church is there


Children and Youth services

As God leads, youth messages on salvation, Biblical Christianity, courage, facing peer pressures, purity, biblical modesty, etc…

Children & Youth service using our family dog to illustrate a message of how sin puts us in a spiritual prison, and how God gets us out of the “Cage of Sin” when we humble ourselves.  For more info visit:


Open Air Meetings

On occasions as God leads, we do preach open-air on the streets and at outdoor events


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Text Box:  Our Mission as Jesus Said is:
“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew  28:19-20a 

When Jesus Christ walked this Earth, He was concerned about the needs of others.  All who met Him realized He was different from anyone else they had ever met before.  We are here to represent Jesus Christ to a dying world.  In a society of constant change and dwindling morals, we desire to help you prepare to stand ready before God.

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