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We are Evangelism Mission, a non-profit, home mission work in the U.S.A. Our goal as an organization is to glorify God as we show people their need for the Saviour.

On this site you can find online sermons, an archive of our newsletters, videos about our work and what God has been doing, tracts that we produce, and a page where you can make a secure donation to our work.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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Mission Statement
As Jesus Said:

“... Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

When Jesus Christ walked this earth, He was concerned about the needs of others. All who met Him realized He was different from everyone else they had ever met! We are here to represent Jesus Christ to a dying world. In a society of constant change and dwindling morals, we desire to help you prepare to stand before God.

Serving You

We would love to help you, your church, or organization do any of the following:

  • Host an Evangelism Convention with instructional sessions and hands on experience,
  • Plan and preach outdoor meetings,
  • Street & College Campus Ministry,
  • Street Preaching,
  • Preach Evangelistic Meetings,
  • Preach Revivals or Campmeetings,
  • Host a children or youth service. (Ever heard of Baby the Dog? She'd love to be a living object lesson at your church),
  • And more--watch our presentation video and see how we can help you.
What We Do
  • Free Mission Help to Small Churches:
    We help larger churches too, but we do not expect offerings from the small churches that are barely making it. We (Rodney Keister, sometimes his helpers, and sometimes a team of volunteers) spend a few days to a week at your small church. We start by doing some training with the Christians at your church. Then we canvas the area door to door. (If you're in a city, we also canvas the streets.) After helping you advertise, we hold special services (or 5-10 day revival meetings) designed to encourage the unsaved to come to church and seek God. Here are some sample flyers from special services we have held in the past:
  • Soul Winning Rallies:
    This includes one or more nights of preaching messages that are designed to help people catch a vision for the lost and get excited about doing something for the Kingdom of God!
  • Evangelism Conventions (Multiple Sessions):
    Here are some of the topics we cover in our Evangelism Conventions that are held throughout the USA:
    • How to overcome fear
    • Outreach methods and materials
    • How to lead someone to Christ
    • How to open up conversations
    • Soul winning techniques
    • Door-to-Door Evangelism
    • Street evangelism and street preaching
    • Community awareness of your church
    • Question and Answer time
    • What does God expect of us?
    • Opposition from the law (your rights)
    • Importance of discipling new Christians
    • Sunday School structure for our times
    • The Difference between evangelism and outreach. (Which one do you do?)
    • Why do so many struggle with Holiness
    • From Salvation to Holiness to Conservative
  • Open Air Preaching:
    Near bus stops, on college campuses, in parks, on the streets, from our car, and more…
  • Street Evangelism:
    This is done on populated city streets, at colleges, universities and schools. We often use a prayer stand or prayer station.
  • Door to Door Evangelism:
    This is done anywhere and everywhere! We do it in cities, small towns, and rural areas.
  • Event Evangelism:
    We've done this at street fairs, carnivals, bazaars, festivals, store fronts, parking lots, and flea markets.
  • School, College, and University Evangelism:
    This may include open-air preaching, a prayer stand, passing out tracts, etc.
  • Biblical Evangelism:
    This includes talking to people about their spiritual condition. We use the Word of God to show them their heart so that they see their need of a savior, Jesus Christ. We explain the importance of (1) Confession of their sins, (2) Clear repentance, and (3) Biblically believing on Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • Prayer Stands:
    While not the main focus of Evangelism Mission, we use Prayer Stands in certain areas where they are helpful. However, they are just one of the many tools we use to spread the Good News.
  • Tracts & Bibles:
    We distribute these on the streets, at events, and in churches.
  • Media Ministries:

    Throughout the years of time, technology has improved and forms of media have changed. During the first decade of our mission work, we produced and distributed approximately 14,000 sermons on CD and DVD. In the Spring of 2017, we discontinued our production of CDs and DVDs because the use of those types of media has diminished. Across the last ten years, our sermons have also been available by MP3 download.

    Up to this point, there have been approximately 50,000 or more MP3 downloads from our server. To God be the Glory. We also started making videos available on our website in 2014. Since then, there have been thousands of views of our videos. We are excited to continue to provide sermons to the world through videos, downloadable audio sermons, and online audio.

  • Biblical Counseling:
    We offer counseling without a formal charge. Appointments can be scheduled for an in person counseling session; alternatively, you can schedule an over the phone counseling session.