Gabrielle Keister

Missionary to the USA and other Nations

Gabrielle Keister
  • Missionary Evangelist
  • Publications Editor
  • Mission Advisor
  • Office Worker
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About Me


I graduated with an associates degree in religion with an emphasis in missions from Union Bible College in May 2019.

Lord willing, I plan to further my education in the area of counseling and social work, resulting in an MSW (master of social work) in the future.

Ministry Experience:

International mission trips: Honduras (2018) and Ukraine (2019)

Domestic mission trips: Detroit/Dearborn, MI (2016, 2017, 2018); Salt Lake City, UT (many times from 2014-2019); and many others with our mission work over the years.

Jail ministry and homeless shelter ministry during the time I attended Union Bible College (2015-2019).

How I serve in Evangelism Mission and Holiness Pioneers

  • Street evangelism
  • Street meetings
  • University and college campus evangelism
  • Door to Door Evangelism
  • International mission trips
  • Administrative assistant
  • Office bookkeeper
  • Publications editor