Our car was hit by gun fire while we were a few blocks away street preaching!

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In downtown Indianapolis, while we were a few blocks away street preaching near the Circle Center Mall with some UBC students, my car was involved in a downtown Indianapolis shooting. Yes, you read it right, a gunfire shooting. We praise God the 14 year boy that was shot in the hand was not seriously injured. Please pray for him. As for our car, one bullet passed through the rear driver’s side door window and went through the back seat and hit my prayer stand. The prayer stand stopped the bullet but is now lame on one leg and a pole flag has been severed! Praise God the prayer stand stopped or next in line was our audio equipment. Another bullet ricochet off the corner of my windshield and went clean through the metal post between the windshield and door frame. We praise God for His protection as we were delayed because I felt I should stay longer by the mall to preach even when things slowed down. Our original plan was to move toward the bar section of downtown. Had we moved on toward the bars around the time it slow down as planned, we may have been near the car when this happened. See pictures below the video.